Biographical Information
Born: 2039
Status: Deceased - Main Timeline
Alive - Apocalyptic Future
Death: Stabbed by Matthew Kellog
Cause of Death: Matthew was frustrated for turning down his offer to rule the future with him.
Occupation: Soldier
Organization: Kellog's Army
Position/Rank: Soldier
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Hazel
Parents: Matthew Kellog - Father

Unnamed Woman - Mother

Character Information
Portrayed by: Kyra Zagorsky
Season/s: Season 4
First appearance: Lost Hours
Latest appearance: Final Hour
Appearance Count: 6
Vasquez was one of the high tech operatives from the future (the year 2039) that came back to restore their timeline.


Season 4Edit

To be Added


Vasquez is loyal to her cause and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. She seemed to be close to Nolan as the two appeared highly proficient in working together. When Kellog wanted her to join him in his tub she refused at first but agreed when he insisted. During fights, she remains extremely calm and even tauntingly smiles at her opponents. She smiled at Carlos before she and Nolan continued killing cops. 


Elite soldier: together with Nolan, Vasquez was able to invade a police station and kill more than a dozen cops. She was even able to keep up with the supersoldier, Travis in a firefight and nearly killed him with a grenade.

Close combat: Vasquez is extremely proficient in hand to hand combat. She was able to take down multiple armed bodyguards in mere seconds. During this fight she used advanced throws and joint locks but also brutal kicks and stomps to incapacitate them quickly.



  • High-Tech Suit:


Season Four:
Lost Hours:
Rush Hour:
Power Hour:
Zero Hour:
The Desperate Hours:
Final Hour:


To be Added

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