Photo CPS 01

City Protective Services, often shortened to CPS, was a law enforcement agency in the Vancouver District of the North American Union.

One of their top enforcers, if not only, are the Protectors.

In "Second Last", the VPD Inspector, Dillon, is seen reading a compiled documentation by Escher, pitching CPS as "The New Police Force for a New Future" organized by Piron in association with VPD.

In "Final Hour" it was revealed by Older Alec to Kiera in the improved 2077 that CPS was never formed. There was no collapse, no uprising, no revolution. No corporate congress. Julian and Edouard and he saw to that.



  • Standard Issue Multitool
  • Standard Issue Service Weapon
  • Standard Issue CPS Suit — a SadTech mark 4 polymeric nano-composite body armor with integrated electromagnetic offensive and defensive systems.

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