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    Season 2 Predictions

    January 9, 2013 by Porterfield

    Season 2 of Continuum began this year, and the first episode is expected to be released (on Showcase in Canada and Syfy in the UK and US) sometime in the spring. For fans of the first season, this is huge news, especially as the number of episodes has been bumped from 10 to 13, and one can only hope that the budget has been bumped up as well!

    So, after the craziness that was the season 1 finale, what should we expect for the new season? Here are some focuses:

    Kiera Cameron, our beautiful protagonist, has been on track for a massive "eye-opening" and hopefully a turnaround in character. We have been waiting for the moment where she will shed her 2077 worldview and starts to adapt a new morality. So far this hasn't happened in full, but it's p…

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