This is something I've been wanting to post for awhile now, just hadn't gotten around to it. It's time to start.

This is not, by any stretch, a complete list. I hope to add to it over time. I hope that you, fellow Nuumnuts, will help me add to its final form. It will also not, for the time being, contain references in Serial Order. I will simply add to the list as I can. Perhaps someday when the list begins filling up, I will use the data contained here to start a new page on the wiki, replete with links and so forth. For now, though, think of this more like a salon.

Format will be as follows:

Name of Reference | Author, Creator, Etc. of Reference | Episode Reference Found | Other Details

The White Guard | Bulgakov | 202 Split Second | Julian is reading this while sitting in the prison yard.

Wired | Condé Nast | 102 Fast Times | Alec is surprised to learn Kiera doesn't know what this is.

Howards End | E. M. Forster | 204 Second Skin | Kiera inherits this book from Elena.

A Tale of Two Cities | Charles Dickens | 110 Endtime | On Kagame's birthday, Sonya gives him a copy of this.

What's past is prologue | Shakespeare | 106 Time's Up | "Past is prologue," Kagame tells Sonya.

H. G. Wells | H. G. Wells | 104 Matter Of Time | Kiera discovers that one Herbert George may be targetted by Liber8.

"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." | Mark Twain | 105 A Test Of Time | Kellog paraphrases this on reuniting with Kagame at Liber8's new hideout.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court | Mark Twain | 105 A Test Of Time | Kellog mentions this story when explaining the origin of the "reports of my death" quote he just made.

The Brothers Karamazov | Dostoyevsky | 109 Family Time | Kellog is reading this just minutes before seducing (alternatively, before allowing himself to believe he is seducing) Kiera.

1984 | Orwell | 303 Minute To Win It | Lucas hid circuitry components inside a copy of this book.

Grandmaster Flash | Grandmaster Flash | 203 Second Thoughts | Kellog references him when Kiera asks what he knows about Flash.

Crossfading | Grandmaster Flash | 203 Second Thoughts | Kellog attributes the origin of the crossfade to him when explaining to Kiera what he knows about Flash.

Google | Google (wiki) | 203 Second Thoughts | Kellog tells Kiera he knows about Flash because he used "The Google."

Rock-paper-scissors | Ancient China? | 104 Matter of Time | Alec helps Kiera understand how to play.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians | Ryan Seacrest | 206 Second Truths | Alec mentions the Kardashians while on his date with Emily.

Looper | Rian Johnson | 206 Second Truths | This is the movie Alec & Emily watched, and briefly discussed, on their date.

Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner | Warner Bros. | 311 3 Minutes To Midnight | Lucas alludes to the existential impossibility of actually being able to catch The Road Runner.

Pound of Flesh | Shakespeare | 106 Time's Up | Carlos makes a reference to this while the fate of Exotrol's CEO is uncertain.

Lightsaber | Star Wars | 104 Matter Of Time | Carlos tells Shane Mathers that he doesn't have to fall on this to protect Melissa Dobek.

Balmoral Hotel | Balmoral Hotel | 211 Second Guessed | Alec is seen wearing a shirt depicting this hotel, famous for having a clock which runs 3 minutes fast.

The Wizard of Oz | L. Frank Baum | 205 Second Opinion | Alec refers to Esher as being like "The Great Oz."

If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas | Benjamin Franklin? | 204 Second Skin | Sonya paraphrases this to Lucas after having a run-in with Kiera at the dry cleaner.

Simon Fraser | It is unknown to which Simon Fraser this reference is made. | 102 Fast Times | The name of the scientist on the cover of this month's Wired, according to Alex, is named Simon Fraser.

Tor | Tor (site) | 102 Fast Times | Betty knows that whoever is hacking the Portland Police Department is using this.

HAL 9000 | Arthur C. Clarke | 208 Second Listen | Kiera refers to Alec as HAL after he refers to himself as an autonomous human being.

Dave | 2001: A Space Odyssey (film) | 208 Second Listen | Alec humorously adopts the role of HAL and responds to Kiera, calling her "Dave."

Groundhog Day | Harold Ramis | 206 Second Truths | Emily replies in the enthusiastic affirmative when Alec asks her if she knows about this film.

Bill Murray | Groundhog Day | 206 Second Truths | Emily knows this is the protagonist of the film; Alec employs the character Murray portrays as a rhetorical device to discuss his own thoughts on personal life direction.

Nixie Clock | Nixie Tube | Multiple Episodes, Season One | Alec has one of these in his old lab in the barn.

Heisenberg | Breaking Bad | 206 Second Truths | Emily refers to Alec as Heisenberg when he invites her back to his lab, where he is going to cook.

Theseus | Greek Mythology | Multiple Episodes, Multiple Seasons | This is the name Julian comes to adopt.

Guy Fawkes mask  | V for Vendetta | 210 Second Wave | Protesters are seen wearing masks similar to this, distinguished by a T for Theseus.

Romeo and Juliet | Shakespeare | 212 Second Last | Travis refers to Alec & Emily as this famous couple.

Scud | Soviet Union | 211 Second Guessed | When it is discovered that Lucas is running his operation from a van, Alec refers to him as like a human Scud.

Bat-Signal | Batman | 201 Second Chances | Carlos asks Kiera if he should put one of these on if he wants to contact her.

The Terminator | The Terminator | 105 A Test Of Time | Lily Jones remarks that being chased by terrorists for having a certain name is "very Terminator."

Pop Rocks | General Foods | 303 Minute To Win It | Kiera discovers that she does not like this candy.

Star Trek | Gene Roddenberry | Multiple Episodes, Multiple Seasons | Numerous references made [Will clarify later.]

Steve Wozniak | Apple Inc. | 203 Second Thoughts | Kellog tells Kiera that investing in Alec is like discovering Wozniak at the age of 18.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki | World War II | 204 Second Skin | Alec calls electronic distortion caused by Kiera's arrival "Hiroshima" and remarks that a second wave of distortion is "Nagasaki."

Steve Jobs | Apple Inc. | 202 Split Second | In response to Alec's inquiry as to what Alec is like in the future, Kellog tells him that, in today's terms, he is a combination of four people (1/4).

Mark Zuckerberg | Facebook | 202 Split Second |  In response to Alec's inquiry as to what Alec is like in the future, Kellog tells him that, in today's terms, he is a combination of four people (1/4).

Bill Gates | Microsoft | 202 Split Second | In response to Alec's inquiry as to what Alec is like in the future, Kellog tells him that, in today's terms, he is a combination of four people (1/4).

Warren Buffett | Berkshire Hathaway | 202 Split Second | In response to Alec's inquiry as to what Alec is like in the future, Kellog tells him that, in today's terms, he is a combination of four people (1/4).

Homeland | Kaos Studios | 103 Wasting Time | Alec is playing this (online mode) while trying to convince Kiera to let him help her scan the genetic profiles obtained from the fertility clinic.



Robot Poster | Unknown | 207 Second Degree | In Alec's bedroom, there is a poster with a robot on it. I am pretty sure this is not some random robot, but a specific robot. However, I have been unable to confirm any information about it.

FPS | Unknown | 109 Family Time | Alec has a First-Person-Shooter video game on in his lab; Dwight begins to play it when he & Alec visit the lab to retrieve the rat pistol.

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