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    This is something I've been wanting to post for awhile now, just hadn't gotten around to it. It's time to start.

    This is not, by any stretch, a complete list. I hope to add to it over time. I hope that you, fellow Nuumnuts, will help me add to its final form. It will also not, for the time being, contain references in Serial Order. I will simply add to the list as I can. Perhaps someday when the list begins filling up, I will use the data contained here to start a new page on the wiki, replete with links and so forth. For now, though, think of this more like a salon.

    Format will be as follows:

    Name of Reference | Author, Creator, Etc. of Reference | Episode Reference Found | Other Details

    The White Guard | Bulgakov | 202 Split Second | Julian …

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    "What if you could save tens of thousands of people, even if it meant killing one person?" Kiera asks Carlos, in S2E9. "I've played this game before," replies Carlos, "I would kill Hitler."

    On the surface, when merely saying the words or writing them, this seems simple enough. However, there are no less than three major categories of problems such an attempt would raise. Each category is divided into at least two particulars. This post will discuss these problems.

    The divisions are as follows: 

    A. Chronological

    1. Grandfather Paradox

    2. Unintended Consequences

    B. Social

    1. Cultural Acclimation

    2. Opportunity

    C. Personal

    1. Ethical Considerations

    2. Personal Resolve

    A1. How would you resolve the Grandfather Paradox?

    i. If Kiera had killed Theseus, how w…

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    There are many futures before us. There are many paths we can pick which will influence the course of history. As the present stands, many feel that corporations already control us, or at the least that they have too much influence. And I say, go all in.

    As long as we're running around thinking, "Oh, corporations control the government, they've bought Congress!" it will be preferable to have it out in the open. I would rather have the transparancy which accompanies annual stockholder reports and financial disclosings, than have a ginormous bureaucracy which is so full of itself in red tape that it requires specific agencies to monitor its own spending. Everyone would love transparency in a democratic government, but the behemoth which exis…

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    September 3, 2014 by Nuumnut

    Episodes 1 through 26

    The Death of Green Kiera

    When trying to determine who killed Green Kiera, we must consider all possible suspects. We must also consider who stood to gain from her death. If she was killed in Alec & Kellog's lab, then the question becomes who had access to the lab. Since at this point the lab was protected by RFID and biometric security measures, there are only a limited number of people who had access: Red Alec, Green Alec, Red Kiera, Kellog, Jason, Esher, and Emily. We see Red Alec discovering the corpse of Green Kiera, and shortly thereafter we see Red Kiera stumbling across the scene. It seems unlikely that either of these two had opportunity, much less motive. Green Alec had opportunity but did not have an apparent …

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