• After a long wait, Season 2 of Continuum finally begins on April 21st! I'm pretty sure all Continuum fans out there are as excited as I am! What's everyone looking forward to this season?

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    • Is there a piece missing to the time travel device?

      In the first episode, there were 8 liber8 members who each tossed a piece into the particle stream (Kagame was the only one who tossed the piece in with his left hand).  That would mean there are 8 pieces to the device.  The device did not work when Liber8 attempted twice to return to their original time destination.  In "Second guess" Kiera finds 6 pieces in the toolbox in the back of the truck. These pieces and the one she alteady has account for only 7 pieces.  Is their a central core piece unaccounted for?  Is this the same sphere that they created in the execution chamber or did Lucas have another device on him when they travelled back in time? When Kellogg took the piece from Keira, did he substitute it with another piece that she would find?

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    • Hmm, thanks for pointing that out. Just noticed that there were only 6 in Lucas' truck. Unfortunately, I have no answer for that cuz I'm pretty sure there should also be 8 pieces.

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    • No there are no Missing Pieces...  6 Pieces  are in the box in the truck and 1 Piece on the table in the truck you can see Kiera putting it to the other Six after Carlors turned around  plus the one Alec already has in his Lab (and completes the Device later)  that makes 8 Pieces

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    • Ooh there it is! Haha, thanks for clearing that up Fox :)

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    • Thanks.  I could barely see it with all the wires, but it appears that Lucas was accessing the power of a section just as Alec did. For a moment I thought I really found

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    • Haha.. I'm Sorry Mike but I'm sure you will find something the show has much to discover...

      I have found something in Season one  people tell me it's a stretch but I Beg to differ...

      see here -->    and for Redwall..  You're welcome =)

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    • Haha! Eep, wonder if that was put there for a reason :o

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    • it's an easter egg I guess or just a deliberated move for people to find it ;)

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    • Season 1: Time

      Season 2: Second

      Season 3: Minute

      What units of time are they going to use next? Hour is probably next. I think that is a little bit of an easter egg.

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