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"Matter of Time"
Broadcast Information
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Air Date: Jun 17, 2012 (Canada)
Feb 4, 2013 (US)
Writer: Sam Egan
Director: Michael Rohl
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Matter of Time is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Continuum.


A scientist that is working on developing a source of clean energy is found murdered. The list of suspects leads Kiera on a journey that leads her to a precarious place—deciding between the right thing to do and the preservation of the future.


Kiera remembers the day her husband, Greg, was promoted to a projects leader at SadTech. On the same day,a blackout occurs throughout the city, apparently caused by terrorists who took out the reactor, and Greg counts down the seconds for Kiera and their newborn son, Sam, expecting the electricity to be back up by the time he finishes.

In the present time, while Kiera's apartment has its own electricity problems, she and Carlos are sent to investigate the murder of a Professor Martin Ames, a scientist who was killed by his own machine, the Calisto. Professor Ames was working to develop a source of unlimited clean energy, which, despite being fruitful to all humanity, earned backlash because of the ways it could be used by the military.

They interrogate his assistant, grad student Shane Mathers, who tells them that the machine seems to have backfired while Ames was working on it, causing his death, and that the only backup of the professor's files are missing, and most likely stolen. He then points them to Vincent, the leader of one of the activists who are against Ames' research, who then points them to Dr. Melissa Dobeck, Ames' former partner with whom he had a falling out with over the intellectual property of their work. She denies having anything to do with it, but Kiera and Carlos both suspect Shane Mathers and Melissa Dobeck.

They soon hit a brick wall when the military takes over their case on national security grounds, although Kiera and Carlos both know that the reason they took over is because they want the technology Ames was developing for their weapons. Pissed off at the military for claiming their investigation, Carlos and Kiera become more intent on secretly working on the case before submitting the files over to the military.

With Kiera's suit still glitching because of her last encounter with Curtis Chen, her implanted tech seems incomplete without the additional technological features the suit adds for Kiera. Alec then offers to try and fix the suit for her. Carlos then points out that Kiera should listen to her gut more, a technique frowned upon in the future by CPS, and Kiera, knowing that she has to get used to it if her suit is not fixed, does try this by turning off her CMR during an interrogation.

Kiera then goes to Shane Mathers to interrogate him further. When Shane seems alerted after receiving a text, Alec manages to hack into his phone provider and finds out that the message was from Melissa Dobeck, who is revealed to be having an affair with Shane despite her engagement. Their investigation is stopped, however, when Liber8's true leader, Edouard Kagame, suddenly arrives in the present a few weeks late. He's taken to hospital but quickly sets out to find others in his group, who has recently moved into a new hideout, immediately alerting the authorities, and Kiera, of his presence. No one knows why he didn't arrive at the same time as the others and, for that matter, if anyone else from the future may have also time-traveled with them.

Kagame reaches the group's rally point, one they had set to meet up in case they were separated, in a Buddhist temple at Sun Yet Sen Gardens. Looking back years into the future (or years into his past), Kagame was holding a non-violent gathering with Liber8 supporters about the lack of freedom given to them by their current leaders. However, the City Protective Services officers soon raid the place and separate all of them, also taking away his wife and child.

Elsewhere, Kellog has made quite a fortune in the stock market - a little advance knowledge can go a long way - and is enjoying his new-found wealth. He extends a helping hand to Maddie, paying off the mortgage on her house. She thinks he may be coming on to her but he assures her that's not the case - in fact, Maddie is his grandmother, though he merely tells her that he owes her father much. Kellog later buys a yacht for himself.

Liber8 finally meets with Kagame at the rally point, just in time for Carlos and Kiera to find their meeting place. Kagame and Kiera have an encounter, and she releases him when Travis threatens to kill the child of an innocent bystander.

Kiera finally finds out that Melissa was able to convince Shane to kill Ames through his machine and delete his backup of their research. When Shane insists that he acted alone, Kiera confronts her about this. Melissa defends herself, saying she did it because Ames was selling their research to the military and she couldn't allow it; with her own backup of their research, she would have used it for clean energy and its other good purposes. Kiera was about to arrest her until she meets her fiancee, Drew LaRoche. Kiera realizes that she will be Melissa LaRoche in the future and she backs down, letting her go.

Back to the future, after Greg's countdown ends, the lights come back on shortly after, revealing to Kiera that it was not the terrorists that caused a blackout but instead SadTech, who was merely rolling out an upgrade on the reactors with their recent partnership with Laroche Energy. He then suggests to Kiera that she join the CPS, and that she would definitely become a Protector given her service in the military, but Kiera says that she will prioritize taking care of Sam first.

Kiera then finds Alec in her apartment who came to pick up her suit. She goes on to tell Alec the reason he let Melissa go: she was to be Melissa Laroche, a prominent figure in the future for her research on clean fusion, although Professor Ames is, of course, excluded from this future legacy. Alec does not approve, telling Kiera that she is "playing God" much like the scientists, seeing this as Kiera ensuring the future with her knowledge, even if it means letting murderers get away.


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(seeing a news piece showing Kagame)
Kiera: That's Edouard Kagame.
Carlos: The leader of the gang?
Kiera: It's heart and soul. He's the one behind all of their activity. We need to stop this broadcast.
Betty: It's already been in rotation, like, 40 minutes.
Kiera: Then it's only a matter of time before the killing begins in earnest.
Carlos: Unless we find him first.

Broker: Your timing has been spectacular.
Kellog: Well, maybe I'm from the future and know what's about to happen.
Broker: (laughs) Yeah, well future or not, you, my friend, are now a very rich man.
Kellog: (hands Broker a slip of paper) Here are the new companies I want you to invest in.
Broker: Synthetic boot production? Disaster insurance bonds? What are you expecting, the end of the world?
Kellog: Something like that.

(Maddie sees a dress in a shop)
Maddie: Wow.
Kellog: You like it?
Maddie: It's freaking beautiful.
Kellog: Let's go try it on.
Maddie: Wait. You know, my mom and I, we're really grateful for your helping to fix up the house and paying off the mortgage,'re, like, old enough to be my dad.
Kellog: It's not, it's not like that. Nothing like that. At all. I told you, your father looked out for me. He was kinda like an older brother. I know how hard you and your mama had it since he died. I'm just trying to pay it forward.
Maddie: (smiles) Okay. Good.
Kellog: Okay. Let's go try on some dresses. Hey, just do me one favor, okay?
Maddie: What's that?
Kellog: When you have a grandson one day, and you will, promise me you'll let him jump on the bed and eat lots of candy, okay?
Maddie: Okay, I promise.


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