In 2014 Gray Point Security was covertly acquired by Sonmanto Corporation, contracted mercenary Neelon to carry out a terrorist mass murder of executives of competing Fermitas Corporation, and arrange the event so that LIBer8 would get the blame for the attack.

Neelon in turn hired a clever criminal tinkerer to assemble the parts to carry out the plot. VPD Betty Robertson soon tracks down the device builder, who is too scared to finger his boss. LIber8 Jasmine Garza contacts CPS Kiera Cameron to deny involvement. Garza tracks down Neelon and beats him in a public brawl, and Neelon uses the police report opportunity to plant a bug at Kiera's desk in the VPD precinct. Neelon discovers that Betty is meeting his device maker to obtain a confession and shoots them both to death in a drive-by attack. The purpose of Sonmanto assassinating the Fermitas execs is to crash down the price of their stock in a market panic sell-off and buy their competitor on the cheap.

Gray Point and Neelon are involved stealing industrial secret tech prototype inventions. The thief is arrested and gives up Neelon, whom is disavowed by Gray Point.

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