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On this page is a listing of the episodes of the show Continuum. The first two seasons contained a total of 23 episodes. The 3rd season is presently airing. The show's episodes have a theme for every season: "time" during Season 1, "second" for Season 2, and "minute" for Season 3.

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Season 1 Edit

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# Image Title Airdate
01 1x01 A Stitch in Time May 27, 2012
A police officer from the future is sent back to our time after a group of rebels convicted as terrorists decide to stop that future from happening by changing the past.
02 1x02 Fast Times June 3, 2012
Kiera, with Alec's help, continues to hunt down Liber8 and soon realizes that they are trying to time travel again. Meanwhile, Kiera's Portland police cover is blown, and she soon finds herself under arrest by her partner, Carlos.
03 1x03 Wasting Time June 10, 2012
Kiera and Carlos investigate a series of mysterious murders that may be connected to Liber8. Meanwhile, Travis is fatally ill and some in the group start jockeying for position in the hopes of replacing him, while one particular member starts to go rogue and arranges to meet with Kiera.
04 1x04 Matter of Time June 17, 2012
Kiera and Carlos investigate the murder of a Professor Martin Ames and hit a brick wall when the military takes over their case on national security grounds. Kiera's moral beliefs are tested. Meanwhile, Kagame finally appears, and Kellog is settling well into 2012, even extending a helping hand to his ancestors.
05 1x05 A Test of Time June 24, 2012
Kagame's return begins with a reset of Liber8's agenda, away from violence and towards blending into the community and fostering their revolution through co-opting existing structures. Due to Kiera's interference, Liber8 decides to go after her grandmother in hopes ceasing Kiera's existence.
06 1x06 Time's Up July 8, 2012
Kagame pursues step one of his new agenda - win the intellectuals and the grass roots dissenters, hoping to earn the attention of the public when they kidnap the CEO of a corrupt corporate, Exotrol, Henrietta Sherman. Alec faces his own dilemma when he realizes that his step-brother Julian is one of the violent protesters.
07 1x07 The Politics of Time July 15, 2012
Trust between partners Carlos and Kiera come into question when evidence points to Carlos in an investigation of the murder of his friend.
08 1x08 Playtime July 22, 2012
Kiera and Carlos investigate suicidal murders of two software beta testers. When a game developer has Kiera try an immersive simulation, she finds herself losing control of her CMR.
09 1x09 Family Time July 29, 2012
Alerted to a bulk purchase of a fertilizer that could be used for explosives, Kiera and Carlos end up at Roland Randol's farm, with Kiera and Alec both surprised to see each other. The situation makes a turn for the worse when the real makers of the bomb, one of them Julian, hold them hostage.
10 1x10 Endtimes August 5, 2012
Kiera realizes that in her timeline, today is the day that terrorists bomb a building, killing hundreds of people. As she tries to get help to stop the imminent bombing, Alec is kidnapped by Liber8 when he realizes his step brother, Julian, is under their sway.

Season 2 Edit

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# Image Title Airdate
11 2.01 2x01 Second Chances April 21, 2013
Kiera resurfaces after the mayor is killed in a brazen assassination. She reunites with Carlos to solve the murder and also tries to reconnect with Alec, who has changed since reading the message from his future self.
12 2.02 2x02 Split Second April 28, 2013
Kiera and Carlos's reunion is a bumpy one as they attempt to thwart Liber8's brazen hijacking of a prison transfer. Meanwhile, Kellog approaches Alec with an enticing partnership proposition. The young genius is tempted, but will it lead him down a dark path?
13 2.03 2x03 Second Thoughts May 5, 2013
Kiera investigates a new street drug she recognizes from her future while Sonya and Travis go to war using gangs as their weapons.
14 2.04 2x04 Second Skin May 12, 2013
Kiera races to track down what she thinks is another time traveler while fending against interference from factions of Liber8 and a determined Agent Gardiner.
15 2.05 2x05 Second Opinion May 26, 2013
Sam's birthday puts Kiera on the path to an emotional breakdown which activates a psychiatric program embedded in her CMR, while the VPD gets a new chief of police.
16 2.06 2x06 Second Truths June 2, 2013
Kiera must use her knowledge of the future to stop a serial killer while keeping Carlos in the dark about her insights.
17 2.07 2x07 Second Degree June 9, 2013
Kiera and Carlos race against time to stop a Liber8 plot to derail Julian's trial; Alec must choose between telling the truth or betraying his family.
18 2.08 2x08 Second Listen June 16, 2013
Kiera investigates the mysterious disappearance of several deceased time traveler's bodies; Alec is taken hostage by Garza on orders from his future self.
19 2.09 2x09 Seconds July 7, 2013
Alec's mother is shot by a bullet meant for Julian while Dillon’s new Liber8 task force is put to the test when Kiera must decide how far she will go to stop Julian's murderous future.
20 2.10 2x10 Second Wave July 14, 2013
After a surprise attack by the shadowy group posing as Section Six, Kiera is captured by Julian’s followers. Alec reactivates Travis' military chip in order to hunt him, but the hunter soon becomes the hunted.
21 2.11 2x11 Second Guess July 21, 2013
Chaos breaks out in Vancouver when a series of cyber attacks turn the city upside down. Kiera and Carlos race to find the perpetrator while Who clues suggest Alec's own technology has something to do with it.
22 2.12 2x12 Second Last July 28, 2013
Kiera and Carlos must stop Travis after he gets his hands on a second CPS suit while Alec and Emily try to escape the mysterious Freelancers and deal a revelation about his past that could change everything.
23 2.13 2x13 Second Time August 4, 2013
Kiera races to rescue Alec from himself and preserve her own chance of getting home. Alec must make a difficult decision between solving Kiera's dilemma or his own.

Season 3 Edit

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# Image Title Airdate
24 3.01 3x01 Minute by Minute March 16, 2014
Kiera risks everything to stop Alec from altering history in his quest to save Emily, but can the mysterious group Kiera aligned herself with be trusted?
25 3.02 3x02 Minute Man March 23, 2014
While Kiera investigates the two Alecs in one timeline, the mayor is kidnapped by a reunited Liber8. Carlos struggles with the reality shattering truth of Kiera’s predicament.
26 3.03 3x03 Minute to Win It March 30, 2014
Kiera has to solve a series of Liber8 connected bank heists and discovers the robbers are controlled by a recently escaped Lucas. Carlos’ new and unwanted knowledge about time travel begins to affect his work.
27 3.04 3x04 Minute Changes April 6, 2014
As Kiera works to free a college student caught in a police cover-up, her perspective on police behaviour is thrown into question. Carlos discovers Liber8's influence reaches right inside of VPD. Alec secures an unlikely ally.
28 3.05 3x05 30 Minutes to Air April 13, 2014
Kiera and Carlos work to free hostages including Dillon, taken prisoner by Liber8 at a television station. Meanwhile, Kellog and Alec's business alliance falls apart, turning the two men from partners to adversaries.
29 3.06 3x06 Wasted Minute April 27, 2014
Kiera and an emotionally unravelling Carlos must stop Liber8 from committing a devastating chemical attack on the city.
30 3.07 3x07 Waning Minutes May 4, 2014
Kiera crash lands her CPS flyer during a prisoner transport and is forced to work with her enemy captive in order to survive.
31 3.08 3x08 So Do Our Minutes Hasten May 11, 2014
Kiera confronts uncomfortable truths while paired on an investigation with Dillon. Julian puts himself in the spotlight by exposing a corporation's dirty deeds. Alec deals with the pressures of his new role at Piron and an uncomfortable secret revealed by Carlos.
32 3.09 Continuum 3.9 image Minute of Silence May 25, 2014
Kiera and Carlos, reeling from a shocking loss, hunt down a ring of enigmatic high-tech thieves, even as a handsome, yet distant amnesiac begs for help in discovering his identity.
33 3.10 Continuum 3.10 image Revolutions Per Minute June 1, 2014
Kiera's relationship with the Freelancers is pushed to the limit as she forges a deeper connection with the mysterious John Doe. Alec crosses the rubicon to protect his legacy. Kiera makes a shocking discovery.
34 3.11 Continuum 3.11 image 3 Minutes to Midnight June 8, 2014
Kiera finally learns the truth about John Doe. Alec must make a difficult choice between business and family. Liber8 is rocked to the core by new information about their mission.
35 3.12 Continuum 3.12 image The Dying Minutes June 15, 2014
Something's hidden deep in the Freelancer facility. Kiera and John Doe work to retrieve it, but the price of knowledge may be betrayal. Carlos resolves to wrest control of the VPD from Piron and Dillon. Help arrives courtesy of an unlikely, and deadly, ally.
36 3.13 120px Last Minute June 22, 2014
Kiera battles old friends by allying with former enemies. Alec stands on the precipice of power with one man in his way. A season's worth of choices come down to one, unbelievable moment.

Note that some of the episode synopses on this page are different from those on the episode pages themselves; this is because the synopses on the episode pages are more detailed or updated versions of the synopses.


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