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Photo Emily 01
Biographical Information
Full name: Maya Hartwell
Status: Deceased - Main Timeline

Alive - Alternative Timeline

Death: Second Last
Cause of Death: Shot by Miller
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Blue
Significant Others: Alec Sadler
Character Information
Portrayed by: Magda Apanowicz
Season/s: 2
First appearance: "Second Thoughts"
Latest appearance: "Minute by Minute"
Appearance Count: 9

Emily, born Maya Hartwell, was Alec Sadler's girlfriend. She was sent by Escher to get close to, spy on and protect Alec but has since developed genuine feelings for Alec in the process.

Biography Edit

History Edit

Maya Hartwell was charged with two years, less a day, for extortion and two assault charges and was never convicted. After the apparently mysterious suicide of a boyfriend, Maya Hartwell "disappeared". It is unknown if Escher helped Maya become Emily to escape her murky past.

Season 2 Edit

Emily first interacted with Alec at a coffee house he frequented, sometimes even with Kiera Cameron. She admitted later to having followed him there. Alec tried to work up the nerve to talk to her, but Emily initiated the conversation to get close to him. They began seeing each other and, on the second date, Emily asked Alec about his lab. Her association with Escher is revealed after she kills a freelancer in hand-to-hand combat when he attacks her in Alec's shared apartment, and calls a "cleaner" to hide the body and evidence.

She secretly took Alec's ARC program to Escher after pretending to destroy it. Eventually, Emily developed true feelings for Alec. Not wanting to deceive him further, Emily asked Escher to let her go from their agreement. Escher then told her that she will be free of his orders if she steals the Quantum Device for him. Things get further complicated when Kellog confronted Emily about her lies and her shady past, threatening to expose her if she does not convince Alec to resurrect ARC.

Emily then told Alec that she needs to disappear, saying her past is catching up to her. When Alec offered to come with her, Emily happily agreed and told him to just pack his things so they can go. They are interrupted, however, when Alec receives the confirmation that Jason and he share DNA indicating that they are father and son. Travis Verta also suddenly arrived to take Elena's CPS suit and have it synced with his CMR by Alec. Using injury or death to Emily as incentive, Travis successfully convinced Alec to oblige. As she did not understand what had just happened, or what Travis was talking about in his lab, Emily was furious at Alec and told him that he will need to explain to her at one point.

At Jason's place, Emily and Alec tried to get him to talk about his family, although Jason answered cryptically, given his then-current state of mind. Tired of the lies, Emily finally told Alec that she works for Escher. Kiera and her partner Carlos soon entered with guns drawn and were quite soon followed by the arrival of five freelancers. In the ensuing gunfight, Emily threw the time travel device off the roof, wanting the other side to stop shooting and go after the device instead. As Kiera decided to go after the device, and as she remained standing and not behind cover, Emily was shot by the freelancer Miller. Alec then rushed to Emily's side and watched her die in his arms after exchanging their last words.

Wanting someone to blame, Alec soon met with Emily's boss, Escher. After finding out that Escher is his father and that he had placed Emily with him for protection, he verbally blamed Kiera for not being there to protect Emily when Kiera should have. Although he later contacted her, it was revealed to be a deception to get the Quantum Device, and whether or not he truly blamed Kiera for Emily's death is unknown.

Given the opportunity, and in spite of multiple promises to send Kiera to 2077, Alec chose to time travel with the device, hoping to prevent Emily's death.

Appearances Edit

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