Note: This page is a work in progress.

The following is a complete pictorial list of the relevant characters in Continuum. They are grouped by their time and association.


  • The green status box refers to those who would be alive in the future if that timeline is not affected in any way at all.


Photo Kiera 02


Photo Kagame 02
Photo Travis 02
Photo Sonya 02
Photo Ingram 02
Photo Garza 02
Photo Kellog 02
Photo Curtis 02


Photo Elena 02
Photo Escher 01
Photo Jason 01


Vancouver PoliceEdit

Photo Carlos 02
Photo Betty 02
Photo Dillon 02

Sadler-Randol FamilyEdit

Photo Alec 02
Photo Ann 01
Photo Roland 02
Photo Julian 02


Photo Jim 01
Photo Lily 02
Photo Jake 01
Photo Maddie 01
Photo Alicia 01


Cameron FamilyEdit

Photo Greg 02
Photo Sam 01


Photo Old Alec 02
Photo Old Julian 02


Photo Oscar 01
Photo Sergei 01
Photo Trevor 01
Photo Rikki 01
Photo Laura 01
Photo Hannah 02

IGNORE! for format reference purposes only.. will be removed eventually.


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