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1x02 CMR installing
Kiera receiving her cybernetic visual implants.

The cellular memory review/recall (CMR) is a futuristic liquid chip technology implanted in Kiera Cameron and other Protectors' brains. It is a memory pack bio-upgrade hardwired into the cortex of individuals to record telemetry, smell, video and audio and can hold 36 hours' worth of recorded audio-visual data. Protectors usually transmit updates of each 24 hours' worth of recorded audio-visual data at the end of the day to the main police database (CPS Server Dump) to be archived.

1x02 Kieras HUD
Kiera's HUD view

The chip is linked to the cybernetic visual implants in them that gives them a "heads-up display" or HUD, allowing them to scan their targets, detect biorhythms, heat, have telescopic vision, and others. The chip is also linked to the Protectors' uniform.

It is also the CMR that connects the Protectors to the security net that serves as their main form of communication with the City Protective Services' central server.


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